How Much Is The Dental Cleaning Fee In Newmarket?

October 19, 2018/ Dr. Neal/ 0

Dental Cleaning Fee In Newmarket- Keep 28 Dental Clinic

Most dental procedures don’t come cheap. This is why most patients are picky in terms of choosing a dental clinic and choose to be with the Newmarket dental office. Aside from the referrals and years of service, patients also look at the cost of dental procedures. This is because they want to make sure they get value for their money.

What is the cost of dental cleaning Newmarket?

The usual dental cleaning fee in Newmarket for new adult patients may cost about $300 – $400. You may be a little stunned at the amount, but it really is worth every penny. A dental cleaning procedure for adult patients does not only include teeth cleaning, but also:

    • Consultation
    • Complete dental examination
    • Teeth x-rays
    • Actual teeth cleaning
    • Teeth polishing and fluoride treatment


For children, initial dental cleaning fee may range from $50 – $250, which includes:

    • Consultation
    • Dental examination for kids with baby teeth only
    • Dental examination for kids with baby and adult teeth
    • Teeth x-rays
    • Half an hour teeth cleaning
    • Teeth polishing and fluoride treatment


The above-mentioned fee only applies to your first appointment. The succeeding appointments will cost you less. If you do not have dental insurance, oral prophylaxis alone may cost about $80 for adults and $60 for children. You can contact your Newmarket dental office for price verification. If your dental condition needs more than a simple oral prophylaxis, the fee may be higher than what was initially quoted.

It is possible to save on a dental cleaning fee in Newmarket when you practice good oral habits at home. Dental professionals at Keep 28 will teach you how to take care of your teeth at home. Depending on your oral condition, they will teach you ways to maintain your oral health needs without needing to spend more. A Newmarket dental office offers competitive dental rates for cleaning and other procedures or treatment.