Importance of Seeing Dentist On A Regular Basis Even With No Pain

March 2, 2017/ Dr. Neal/ 0

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We often disregard the need to see a dentist on a regular basis. It is a common misconception that a person will feel pain when a dental problem is occurring. Cavities and gum disease are diseases that often progress quietly and may not be painful until the problem is quite severe. By this point, the tooth or teeth may need root canal therapy or may even have to be extracted due to severe tooth or gum infection.

Dental problems do not go away or tend to clear up on their own. Routine visits to the dentist allow the dentist and their team to help maintain your teeth and gums in good health and detect problems while they are small.

Problems caught early are generally easier to treat, more comfortable, and less expensive! Don’t delay, book an appointment soon to have your teeth and gums checked.